The Wizard 5×10

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The Wizard 5×10

The Wizard plasma cutting system was developed specifically for the
HVAC contractor/fabricator. It is designed to do all that a user could
want and meet the user’s budget. Nothing has been sacrificed except
cost to our customer.


* Heavy duty 5’x10′, all welded steel construction capable of a 2000 lb load (full sheet of 1″plate)
* 2 1/2″ x 60″, 16 ga. slats for economical replacement
* Efficient down draft exhaust design, activated & deactivated automatically as cutting starts & stops
* Hinged clean out doors at both ends makes cleanout easy. Slat removal not necessary.
* Top quality Browning 3/4″ rack & pinion drives
* The finest dual hardened and ground HIWIN#20 linear guide ways
* Heavy duty NEMA 34 motors that automatically square the gantry (a feature only found on the best cutting tables.)
* Direct drive, high torque motors to eliminate position error found on belt driven tables
* Solid 4″x6″ thick wall tube gantry. This light weight, rigid construction means less moving weight and maximum repeatability
* Gantry drive with 3/4″ rack & pinion and dual hardened & ground HIWIN#15 linear guide ways
* Top quality motors and gears delivering position repeatability of approx. .0005″
* Gantry capable of speeds of 1000 IPM
* Precision Drop Head Control
* Torch crash protection.
The Wizard plasma cutting system was developed specifically for the small to medium size
HVAC contractor. The Wizard is a full featured machine with all the capabilities of the more
expensive plasma cutting systems, but is affordably priced.

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